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Land Loans up to 40 Acres at OCCU
Land Loans up to 40 Acres

• Maximum Loan to Value: 75%
• 25% Down Required on all Purchases
• Maximum Term:  180 Months (15 years)
• Maximum Acreage:  40
• OCCU Finances Raw Land

*Annual Percentage Rate.  Financing up to 75% of the property’s value, or 75% of the purchase price is required on purchase transaction. For example; loan amount $100,000, down payment of 25% (25,000),1% processing fee (based on the amount financed), Appraisal fee ($500-$700). Third party fees may appy:  appraisal, title insur-ance, filing fees and/or escrow incurred by OCCU during the loan process.  No balloon or prepayment penalties. After the loan has been fully paid,a reconveyance fee will be charged by Trustee Services Inc. to remove the Deed
of Trust. No prepayment penalties or balloon payments. Federally Insured by NCUA

Contact Information
phone: (360) 426-9701
Thurston County Chamber of Commerce