An Excellent Publicist Role In Your Marketing Strategy, As Explained By Three Girls Media

You’re brainstorming your communications and marketing strategy and the word “publicist” comes up. What is a publicist, and how does a publicity specialist help your company’s communication strategy?

“Publicity” is a specialized field, in which the main focus is establishing interest and “media buzz” about a company, public figure or event. A publicist has key contacts in media and publishing fields, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. All of these are specialized avenues for publicizing your news.

A Publicist’s Role In Marketing Strategy

Publicists regularly issue press releases, either for newswire services, over the Internet, or directly to reporters via email. Press releases state what’s happening, why, what it means, and include pertinent quote(s). An Internet-based press release helps by linking back to your website and increasing credibility. Newswire services are good for rapidly breaking news, and are retroactively searchable. In order for press releases to have greater consideration, it is wise to engage a publicist partner who can produce them in the most effective way.
At Three Girls Media, our effective press releases are just the tip of the publicity iceberg. We also specialize in customized press pitching which is creating a compelling message in an email and distributing it to the media you desire. This personalized approach is great for building press relationships and interesting them in your story.

Some key reasons to hire a publicist are:

  1. You have a big event or occasion to promote. Is your company celebrating a milestone? Are you publishing a book? Have you released a new product or other item of interest?
  2. You are a public figure, or you want to be. Why should people be interested in you? Three Girls Media’s professionals will help sharpen and communicate your focused media message to increase your brand awareness and name recognition.
  3. There’s “trouble.” Many people consider publicists “damage control” artists, and a great publicist can turn anything — from negative press to a disaster — into positive publicity. This is a specialized area of PR called Crisis Communications.
  4. You are part of something new and exciting. If you formed a new rock band, created a non-profit, or took your company public, a publicist will help efficiently and quickly get the right message to the right people.
Publicity is not advertising where an immediate sale is desired, and it’s not exactly marketing, where an ongoing, coordinated message is conveyed to maintain consumer awareness. Publicity is spurts of intense activity usually with short deadlines. A good publicity partner coordinates an impactful, customized media message across a wide range of fields, from medicine to music and from food to fashion. In addition to publications and mass media, a good publicist will also be connected to professional event planners and booking agents for setting up venues, events and appearances. The importance of being able to issue timely and focused communication sets a great publicist apart.

Ready To Partner With A Publicist? 

Three Girls Media will be on top of your game, ready to send the right information to the best contacts in order to generate the interest, attendance or appeal you seek. Contact us for a free consultation today!